Adrian & Carla Creative City Photographic Fashion Walkabout in Shoreditch London
Adrian & Carla Creative Countryside fashion walkabout
Adrian & Carla Creative Fashion walkabout on the streets of Shoreditch London
Adrian and Carla Creative Wiltshire countryside walkabout

Urban Elegance and Countryside Charm.  Fashion Photography Walkabouts in the UK


Fashion photography Walkabouts Across the UK, Immerse yourself in a unique blend of style and nature with our Photographic Fashion Walkabouts in the bustling streets of London, the vibrant cityscape of Manchester, the eclectic charm of Bristol, and the serene beauty of Wiltshire’s countryside.


Urban photography WALKABOUTS

Discover the heartbeat of urban fashion as you stroll through the iconic streets of London, the stylish neighborhoods of Manchester, and the eclectic scene in Bristol. With a model at your side and a professional photographer to guide you, capture the dynamic fusion of fashion and city life. Whether it’s the edgy graffiti walls or the historic architecture, each city offers a canvas for your creative lens.


Countryside WALKABOUTS

Escape the urban hustle and embrace the tranquility of Wiltshire’s breathtaking countryside. Wander through picturesque landscapes, charming villages, and lush meadows, all while honing your photography skills with a model and a seasoned photographer. The countryside provides a serene backdrop, allowing you to capture timeless images that blend the elegance of fashion with the natural beauty of Wiltshire.


Why Join?

  • Experience the fusion of fashion and diverse environments.
  • Work alongside a professional photographer Adrian Crook and model Carla Monaco.
  • Develop your skills in both urban and natural settings.
  • Create a photography portfolio filled with captivating, varied shots.
Street fashion photography
London - 7 July - With Guest Model *SOLD OUT* Reserve List Only

Location: Shoreditch London

Price: £250.00

Group limit: 4 

Meet Time: 9.30am

Start Time: 10am

Finish Time: 3pm

Refreshments: Included

Guest Model: Irida the shapeshifter

London - 18 August FILM CAMERAS ONLY

Location: Shoreditch London

Price: £195.00

Group limit: 4 

Meet Time: 9.30am

Start Time: 10am

Finish Time: 3pm

Refreshments: Included

This event is for film cameras only so break out your 35mm 120mm or even large formats for a fun day of like minded film buffs.

Please use the form below to make your reservation on a WALKABOUT. Reservations are on a first come first served basis. Once we receive your reservation form if there is a place still available we shall message you either by email or via your Purpleport account to arrange payment for the event. Once payment is made we shall confirm your booking.

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    Fashion Photography Walkabouts Across the UK

    Adrian & Carla Creative London Fashion Assisted Photoshoot
    Adrian & Carla Creative London fashion street photography group shoot

    Carla and Adrian are both incredibly friendly


    Having shot with Carla in the studio a couple of times, I had my first location shoot with her and Adrian as part of their recent Autumn casting.


    Meeting near Swindon, we spent 4 hours exploring some beautiful local sites capturing images with Autumn colour. It was a great few hours. Carla and Adrian are both incredibly friendly, easy to get on with, and just chat to.


    The session was well prepared – Carla & Adrian had scouted out some lovely locations to shoot, came prepared with coffee supplies, and even the weather behaved as forecast. Carla was as professional as ever running through poses, having come prepared with a change of outfits so we could get a range of autumnal fashion shots And a big thanks to Adrian, who acted as driver, bag carrier, and sometime light stand – I think we both learned a bit about the capabilities of my rotolight!


    I had a really fun shoot and got some great images – definitely recommended.


    Cool fashion images in a tunnel!


    Carla and Adrian organised a London Street shoot with Irida for a small group which went really well Smile I captured good images including some rather cool fashion images in a tunnel! Sadly I could not afford the c£600 to buy some motorcycle leathers in the quirky coffee shop where we met. Shame as she and Irida would have looked great Smile. Carla was brilliant, bringing outfits fitting perfectly with the shoot theme. Good job Carla Smile


    Second fantastic London Street Fashion walkabout


    Had a second fantastic London Street Fashion walkabout shoot with Carla and Adrian today. It was every bit as good as the first one earlier this year, despite the weather doing its best to try to spoil our day!


    As before we were guided around a series of great shooting spots by our hosts, improvising as necessary when the rain set in for a while early in the shoot: A couple of shop awnings provided just enough cover from the elements, and we came up with creative ways to get some great shots anyway! Several refreshment breaks along the way allowed us to dry off and warm up before getting too cold or wet, and in the end we triumphed over the weather. We shot pretty much everything we had planned to, and the rain had given up and gone away by the end of the shoot Smile


    Some less intrepid organizers may have given up trying to shoot today, but Carla and Adrian were great at keeping things on track and ensuring we all remained in good spirits and got what we came for. Carla took it all in her stride with her usual fabulous modelling, and Adrian can always be relied upon for some excellent suggestions for shots. Plus it's always interesting to see what others in the group come up with (and steal the ideas you like... Wink) so you really can't go wrong with these shoots.


    I highly recommend these events to anyone looking for great pictures and a fun day out (whatever the weather!), and forward to doing more myself next year Smile


    Epic images


    Street Fashion shoots with Carla are always fun, relaxed and continue to deliver some epic images. Carla’s styling is great as she works with photographer’s to achieve the very best poses for the style. Carla is also a dream to photograph!!!


    Huge thanks Carla - here’s to next time.

    Highly Recommended. 💯👍💥