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Studio photography events – Get ready to channel your creative flow in our themed photographic events where the magic number is four! Picture this: a cozy gathering of like-minded photographers, each group capped at a fab four. We’ve curated themes that are like a fashionista’s dream come true – think Brigitte Bardot chic, edgy Dark Fashion, a groovy trip back to the Sixties, and more!

It’s not just about clicking away; it’s about diving into different worlds of creativity with your three new accomplices. Imagine capturing the essence of Brigitte Bardot’s timeless allure or giving Dark Fashion your own dramatic twist. Picture your camera as a time machine, transporting you straight into the swinging Sixties.

In these small, friendly groups, you’re not just capturing moments; you’re making memories and friends who share your passion. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, our themed events are your ticket to a picture-perfect day filled with laughter, style, and camaraderie. After all, the best photos are the ones taken with a smile and a friendly click!

* Studio Events are held all over the country so please keep checking back for more dates.
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28th July - Poppy Haskell & Carla Monaco (Swindon)

Poppy Haskell & Carla Monaco

Carla Monaco & Adrian Crook will be hosting a group event with model Poppy Haskell on Sunday 28th July Classic Fashion and Lingerie Group event.

At our Swindon shooting space on:
Sunday 28th July.

Carla will also be jumping to some sets with Poppy for duo shots and also some solo shots. .

Only 4 photographer places.
Limited to only 4 photographers, shooting 1:1 making for plenty of shooting time for everyone.

Our shoots are always relaxed, fun and professional. Tasty Buffet Lunch and refreshments provided.

Sessions are £250 each ( 4 places on the group)

12 Noon till 5pm

Adrian Crook will be running the event with Carla, helping with lighting and assisting everyone, this is not a teaching shoot but we are always on hand to help people and guide them if needed.

If you would like to attend please get In Touch via the form below or contact us on our Instagram.


Image by Spartacus Images

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Studio photography
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    Definitely up there with one of the best group shoots

    Attended my 1st group shoot with run by Adrian and Carla at Neon Dreams on the weekend. There were 4 photographers so everyone had ample opportunity to capture some great images with Carla modelling. The style was film noir, the atmosphere was very relaxed and friendly with plenty of refreshments definitely up there with one of the best group shoots. A real pleasure. 100% recommended thank you


    I had a wonderful time

    I had a wonderful time shooting the stunning Irida at the Dark Fashion Workshop organised by Carla and Adrian. Carla styled four completely different sets and they were all brilliant creating amazing styles for each set. Even got to shoot a great duo set with Carla and Irida at the end. Adrian was great setting the lighting to exactly match the mood of the sets. Carla and Adrian are such great people, excellent company and we even got a lovely lunch and plenty of coffee! Thanks again Carla and Adrian for making the day such fun and creativity resulting in stunning images.


    Adrian, who gave valuable assistance

    Carla does the sixties style brilliantly (as well as many others) so the Brigitte Bardot-inspired shoot at Neon Dreams Studio produced some excellent images. As always, Carla posed perfectly and looks just great in every shot. It was a very pleasant afternoon with three other photographers and Adrian, who gave valuable assistance and accommodated my quirky request to change the lighting for a few shots so I could use a vintage 1960s film camera.

    Thank you Carla and Adrian for a very enjoyable and successful shoot.



    Fabulous Bardot inspired group shoot. Relaxed & friendly. Carla is a star!