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Unleash Your Best Shots with our Assisted Photoshoot Experience!



Immerse yourself in the ultimate Assisted Photoshoot experience, where every detail is perfected for your creative journey.


Capture extraordinary moments with a professional model by your side while our skilled photographer offers on-the-spot assistance – not a training session, but a supportive presence whenever you need guidance. We will handle reflectors and flash guns, ensuring impeccable lighting.


Enjoy complimentary refreshments, and if needed, let us enhance your convenience by picking you up from the train station and driving you to picturesque locations, making your photography session an effortlessly seamless and enjoyable affair.

  • Beautiful locations

    We can take you around amazing countryside locations around Wiltshire

  • Meet up

    Meet up at a pre arranged location and then head off to our first location

  • Assistance

    Carry bags, hold reflectors and flashguns. and give guidance if required.

Duration: 4 hours – Cost: £260.00 

Assisted photoshoot in the Wiltshire countryside.

Luxury upgrade – Assisted photoshoot

 Upgrade to our LUXURY package and make a day of it.

  • Transportation

    Pick you up at either Swindon or Kemble train station or even Kemble airport if you want to fly in and chauffer you around the locations for the photoshoot.

  • Amazing locations

    Let us take you around amazing countryside locations around Wiltshire

  • Champagne Start

    Once at our first location we will have a welcome drink of champagne to toast the day.

  • Assistance

    Happy to carry bags, hold reflectors and flashguns. and give guidance if required.

  • Lunch

    Break for lunch and head off to a local restaurant (options for lunch available). Or have a lovely picnic lunch if the weather is beautiful.

Duration: 7 Hours – Price start: £499.00

*Please state when booking the type of lunch you require. Picnic, Pub/Local. Any allergies or dietary requirements.

Countryside photography Learning studio photography & location. Assisted photoshoot
Adrian & Carla Creative Assisted photoshoot in the Wiltshire countryside, Image of Carla Monaco
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    Wonderfully inspirational shoot


    On Saturday I attended Carla and Adrian's 'Spring Assisted Location Shoot' and it was such a wonderfully inspirational shoot. Adrian and Carla are such lovely people and I enjoyed every minute of what was a wonderful day not only the shooting but chatting to both Carla and Adrian. Adrian drove me to some great locations around Wiltshire which were just perfect. Adrian assisted me in a number of ways even including carrying my camera bag and buying me a coffee! The locations were varied and facilitated different and inspirational images. Both Adrian and Carla were great in making suggestions during the shoot ensuring that for each set we made the best possible images. Thank you so much Adrian and Carla for your kindness, and help in ensuring that I had such an amazing day.


    The shoot was excellent


    Assisted location shoots with Carla and Adrian August availability Wiltshire


    I applied for this casting as soon as i noticed it, as i have wanted to shoot with Carla again for a while now, and having Adrian there as well is a huge bonus. The shoot was excellent travelling around different locations with Carla changing into different outfits along the way giving the 4 hour shoot a lot of variety. Carla has very good style sense and always looks amazing if left to choose what she wears for a shoot. I am really made up with the pictures i took away from the shoot and learnt a fair bit from Adrian along the way.

    I would recommend these casting calls and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


    I captured some lovely images


    Had another great location shoot with Carla and Adrian, at a gorgeous nature reserve that offered endless shooting possibilities, The weather was great and

    I had a new lens to try out which was fun. As with the last location shoots this was a great experience with the help from both Carla and Adrian I captured some

    lovely images and learnt some more about photography, I strongly recommend these

    shoots thank you for a great day.

    J.S. creative images.

     Third assisted location shoot


    I did my third assisted location shoot with Carla and Adrian today: I've nearly completed The Four Seasons now, it being Spring today, and having previously done Summer and Autumn! Not sure about Winter location shoots in this country though... Wink


    As before, my hosts for the day had already found numerous photogenic locations so it was a simple matter of driving from one winning spot to another with no wasted time, enabling us to cover a good variety of locations again. Amongst other things, we shot in fields of rapeseed and wild flowers, and caught the last of the bluebells in some woodland, all in the quiet Wiltshire countryside near Swindon. Carla's ever-changing outfits always perfectly matched the locations she knew we were heading to next and it almost goes without saying that her modelling talents are second to none so it's not hard getting amazing shots, and we were helped along by beautiful weather today too.


    This was my first shoot with some new lighting gear, so Adrian was spared the heavy lifting of the sturdy lighting stand and beauty dish that I had borrowed for previous shoots. Instead, I had a small dome diffuser on my portable flash (which turned out to work surprisingly well!) and it was easiest for Adrian to simply hold it rather than faffing with any lighting stand at all! He looked funny holding what resembled a hand-held speed camera (or maybe a laser gun or a hair dryer!), but it saved a lot of set-up time for each shot.


    It's not often that you have the luxury of an assistant on a location shoot, but it does make a difference, and with such a beautiful and fabulous model as Carla too I really do highly recommend these shoots. Book yours now and make the most of countryside this summer!


    Thanks again to you both, and see you next time Smile