Photography techniques in the studio and location.

Spend a day with us in the Old Town Swindon and Learn the in’s and out’s of studio lighting

and the do’s and don’ts, of model photography, how to use lights & interact with models. 

  • One to One tuition

    Tailored guidance through one-to-one photographic tuition provides personalized learning experiences, fostering individual skills and unleashing creative potential.

  • Tuition catered to you

    Individualized one-to-one photographic tuition, meticulously tailored to the unique needs of each photographer, ensures personalized growth and mastery of the craft

  • Professional Model

    We only use a professional model with years of experience working with photographers.

How do I Learn Studio Photography

Start an exciting journey to delve into learning studio photography, guided by a seasoned photographer and a talented professional model, is a truly transformative adventure. Along this path, you’ll discover a wealth of expertise and insights generously shared, providing invaluable lessons in mastering lighting techniques, camera settings, and the art of composition.


Moreover, the collaborative spirit with a professional model adds an extra dimension to your learning experience. This not only allows you to explore a myriad of diverse poses but also provides a fantastic opportunity to refine your skills in directing and effective communication.


In this immersive, hands-on approach, you’ll find that it goes beyond merely accelerating your technical proficiency. It’s a gateway that opens up a vibrant realm of creativity. Learning from professionals in the dynamic studio setting is not only enriching but also immensely rewarding, propelling you to new heights in your photographic journey.

  1. Mastering Camera Control: Take charge of your camera with manual mode for precise exposure control in studio photography.

  2. Decoding Shutter Speeds for Studios: Discover the ideal shutter speeds that elevate your studio work to new heights.

  3. Artful Composition Essentials: Unleash the power of the rule of thirds and grasp what works (and what doesn’t) in studio composition.

  4. Fathom F-Stops for Depth: Delve into the world of F-stops to understand and manipulate depth of field in your studio shots.

  5. Illuminating Insights on Lighting: Distinguish between hard and soft light, and grasp the art of choosing the right modifiers for impactful studio lighting.

  6. Strategic Light Placement: Learn the secrets of light placement – understand the magic that happens with precise positioning and why it matters.

  7. Tailored Tuition for All Levels: Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate, our studio lighting lessons are crafted to suit your learning journey.

Studio tuition is based at our local hall space in Old Town Swindon the cost is £650 including hall hire rate. Basesd on a four hour session.
Adrian & Carla Creative Remote photoshoot Brigitte Bardot Style
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    Adrian & Carla Creative, remote photoshoot
    Learn studio photography lighting techniques


    How do I Learn Location Photography

    Exploring outdoor photography with a model can be a thrilling endeavor. On-location photo sessions present stunning scenery, diverse natural lighting possibilities, and atmospheric effects that can elevate the visual impact of your images. To achieve optimal outcomes, it is crucial to evaluate the lighting conditions and establish clear communication with the model. Fostering a strong connection can contribute to the model’s comfort, resulting in authentic expressions and poses. Injecting creativity into poses and angles while seizing spontaneous moments can infuse personality into the photographs. In essence, honing your abilities in on-location photography with a model requires dedicated practice and a willingness to experiment.

    1. Maximizing F-Stops for Location Brilliance: Uncover the significance of f-stops in location photography and learn how to leverage them to your advantage.

    2. Mastering Shutter Speed Selection: Achieve the perfect effect by choosing the right shutter speed that complements your location shots.

    3. Harnessing the Power of ISO: Go beyond 100 ISO and utilize its full potential to elevate the quality of your location photography.

    4. Balancing Act: Natural Light vs. Flash: Strike a harmonious balance between natural light and flash to create captivating and well-lit images.

    5. Crafting Compelling Compositions: Transform your location images by mastering the art of composition to make them visually engaging.

    6. Swindon-Based Location Mastery: Explore the unique landscapes of Swindon in our four-hour location sessions, tailored to elevate your photography skills.

    7. Seasonal Learning: Unlock the secrets of location photography with a model between April and October. In case of unfavourable weather, sessions will be rescheduled for another day

    The cost of location tuition is £600.00 and is one on one training.
    Learning studio photography & location.
    Summer portrait headshot photography. Learning studio photography & location. Assisted photoshoot
    Countryside photography Learning studio photography & location. Assisted photoshoot
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      2 + 2

      Two hours learning + two hours doing

      Join us for an exciting two-hour photography session and two hour practical, to elevate your skills and enhance your creative vision. Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp the fundamentals or an experienced photographer aiming to refine your techniques, this session is tailored to cater to all skill levels. 


      Option 1 Lighting

      Fundamental Principles:

      Understand the basics of exposure, composition, and lighting.

      Learn how to use your camera settings effectively for various shooting scenarios.


      Composition Techniques:

      Explore the rule of thirds and framing to create visually compelling images.

      Master the art of storytelling through your compositions.

      Creative Lighting:

      Delve into artificial lighting techniques to add depth and drama to your photos.

      Learn to manipulate light sources to achieve the desired mood in your photographs.


      Advanced Camera Features:

      Unlock the potential of your camera’s advanced features, such as manual mode, focus modes, and white balance.


      Practical Session:

      Participate in hands-on exercises to apply the concepts learned during the session.

      By the end of this two-hour session, you’ll leave with newfound confidence in your photography skills and a set of tools to capture stunning images in a studio. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your photography game!


      Option 2 Lightroom or Photoshop

      Shoot Carla for 2 hours and then brush up on your Lightroom or Photoshop with Adrian.

      Understand workflow, Learn the power of curves, how to heal the skin, colour tone and much more

      Cost: £260.00

      Remote shoot

      Photographer/Tutor: Adrian Crook


      Model: Carla Monaco


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        I joined Adrian and Carla for a two hour shoot with Carla followed by 2 hour tutoring with Adrian on editing in Lightroom. Overall the session was fantastic and Adrian’s input on the editing side was invaluable; I learned so much in such a short space of time, just wished I’d had the session a few months ago! Adrian was clear and comprehensive in his explanation and demonstration of the workflow process and various techniques; he is friendly and very easy to get along with and clearly has a vast depth of experience and knowledge. I will certainly want to work with Adrian (and Carla) again. Very highly recommended.




        I had a 1-1 training session with Adrian and Carla. Adrian explained clearly with practical demonstrations the use of a single light in a small studio environment with plenty of time for me to practice what he was teaching. We followed that with a session using natural light outdoors.


        Carla was delightful to work giving lots of encouragement to the photographer and allowing me to learn from my mistakes as I put Adrian's teaching into practice and enabling me to get some great shots.


        This workshop has finally given me the knowledge and confidence to be able to recreate these shots in any environment using my own equipment.

        Worth every penny.

        Thanks Adrian and Carla


        Sheer perfection!!


        Having thoroughly enjoyed my tutorial with Carla and Adrian in early August, I was very fortunate to squeeze in a second session with this phenomenal couple.


        This time we worked through more examples of single lighting, Adrian making the subject so easy to understand and execute, whilst having the joy of having Carla as my model! Sheer perfection!!


        The chemistry between this duo is infectious, there is such a massive respect for each other’s skills that the whole experience is beyond real description, other than a must to do.


        I’ve just returned from a shoot, putting into practice, doing my homework so to speak, my confidence was greatly enhanced and the results were regularly praised by my model.


        I can’t thank the team enough for their superb hospitality, for making me feel so welcome and above all for teaching me so much.




        I booked myself in for Adrian and Carla's four hour training at their studio. It has to be one of the best times I have had in the 40 odd years I have been taking pictures. You are never too old to learn and I learnt how to take great shots using just one light and in a small space and so much more.

        Adrian and Carla are really friendly and helpful, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

        Thank you both.


        Very highly recommended.


        I arranged a 4 hour one to one training session/shoot with Adrian and Carla as a preparatory lead in to a photo shoot trip away with a model. It was bespoke training to learn more about making use of natural light outdoors and achieving good quality images mostly with relatively shallow depth of field. Adrian explained very clearly the fundamental factors such as direction of light, distance between model and background, aperture value and choice of lens and with his guidance I put all this into practice shooting a range of sets with Carla as model in the local neighbourhood and park.


        Adrian's way of training consists of excellent communication skills and taking the learner's individual learning objectives fully into account in a most productive manner. I came away with fabulous images across the shoot sets and refreshed enthusiasm in readiness for the photo trip a few days after.


        Very highly recommended.